Wednesday, May 6, 2009

First entry

As a place to start our blog, I think one of the most treasured things about operating this bakery is the constant, personal interaction I have with our customers. I think it is what totally sets us apart from other places you can buy bakery items. Via this blog, I will have the opportunity to notify more of you about what is happening here in our bakery.

In a world where cost cutting is foremost on everyone’s mind, here at Bennison’s we are more focused on finding better quality, local ingredients. As an example, we just hooked up with S. Serra cheese company in Clinton Township, Michigan. From these folks, we started buying fresh ricotta cheese. Unbelievable, the difference. We started getting our fresh mozzarella from them as well. The fresh mozzarella is nice improvement to our Caprese sandwich. One of their most unique cheeses is Caciocavallo. It’s a locally produced, low-moisture cheese, very difficult to find here in the Midwest. We are using that on our Herb Ciabatta bread and our Croque Monsieur.

Oven timer is ringing………


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