Saturday, June 20, 2009

God lost track

I'm sure God lost track of the days. It rained, big time yesterday. I'm sure he thought it was Saturday. I spoke to girls at GCM, and they are ankle deep in mud, but lots of customers. Haven't heard from the Evanston market yet. Bright sunny day they should be busy.

Pretty good performance last night by the bakers. They were up against long odds. When the humidity spikes it's tough to keep a crust on anything. We try to cool down the oven a little and bake the bread longer. Time isn't always on our side either. Friday nights our deck oven stays full from 5pm til 6-7am. In fact we had the discussion yesterday, we don't remember the last time it was shut completely off. Weekdays we shut the burner off but leave the circulation fan on. Couldn't tell you the last time it was down long enough to clean the windows.

I gotta get upstairs, not much extra time today. Holleratcha tomorrow.


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