Thursday, August 6, 2009

soda bread. I can't believe it!

Yesterday, oh what a day. We were two guys short, and we managed to get it all done. We made it on time to the Aville market last night. Both markets yesterday, were a little sluggish. We managed to sell all but a few things at both markets. But things never became overwhelming. Could be, folks with a life, have found their way out of town. Every week at the Aville market, sales are higher than the week before. That held true last night. It was a beautiful night.

One thing that I firmly believe, customers at the Aville market are growing to trust us. I can speak so securely about the Aville market, because I'm there. I don't want to make light of our other markets, but I don't get there very often. I can make an evening market, but daytime, not so much. A lady last night bought six almond croissants. Evidently she tries to make them last from market to market. Last night she said "This week I'll try six. Last week, five made it until Sunday". People come back to our table and seem in shock after me telling them that our miche will last for weeks, because it's real sourdough. Starting to hear more things like "I'll take your word for it" or "if you say so". Lots of folks askin' for business cards, "So they can find us during winter months". Fellow told me last night "I'm from San Fransisco, and I haven't found a bakery here that compares with the ones back home, until I found this market". The absolute best thing last or eight people came looking for our Irish soda bread, that we had last week. Two people I remember when they bought soda bread the previous week, I told them "Next week I want a report". Both of them said it was very good. First time ever, anyone looked for our soda bread. We switched to a formula I got from a very good bread baker, guild member, here in Chicago. Not comfortable disclosing who it is, but she makes great bread. Up until this point we made soda bread that people only ate out of obligation.

Well gotta cut this short. Lots to do upstairs. Looks like it's going to be a good weekend, business wise. Once again more wedding cakes than I'd like to deal with, but, oh well. I hear it's gonna get hot. We've been lucky so far this summer. Just so it doesn't rain.


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