Friday, May 8, 2009

Toulouse Day

Friday is a good day to visit our bakery. Friday is the first day, of two, that Mark makes our Toulouse sandwich. It is a croissant filled with bechamel sauce, scrambled eggs, black forest ham, bacon and white cheddar cheese. Carolyn and Jenny, from the hardware store next door, are addicts. They are our best form of advertisement. He also make them on Saturdays. Nice morning, today, to sit outside at our sidewalk tables with a toulouse, hot coffee, listening to Edith Piaff, you'll think you are there.

On Fridays, Val and Jennifer make Houska. They make it during the week, as well, but they for sure make it on Fridays. Houska is a bohemian specialty. A five strand braided loaf, topped with slivered almonds and rock sugar prior to baking. It is a very rich yeasted dough made with only butter, no shortening, egg yolks, plumped white raisins and a hint of zested lemon. Hands down, the best choice for French toast. If you sit right next to the toaster with a stick of soft salted butter and cold milk, there won't be any turning back.

Certified Master Baker Efrain Tirado has started yellow and chocolate heart cakes, to be sold for Mother's Day. They will be in the store starting late Friday, thru Sunday. Don't forget Mom.

Gotta run, lots to do, farmer's market day tomorrow.


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