Sunday, June 21, 2009

father's day

Seems like we made it. Awful lot of work. My son and I worked the overnight bake, Saturday night. Day is done and we're headin' out. Yesterday's weather made for a very good market weekend. The sunshine had our outside tables full almost all day, as well.

Dad, Happy Father's day. I see my dad everyday. He's eighty five years old and comes to the bakery nearly everyday. Still works, works more than he should. Yesterday he was here over nine hours. There's a lot to be said for enjoying what one does for a living. I firmly believe it's what makes for a long life. My dad is still decorating cakes in the shop window. Always referred to as the "old man in the window". I don't think he knows how much it means to me, him being here. There is one debt I owe the bakery, that is for allowing him and I to spend so much time together. I love you dad.

I also see my son here everyday, as well. Maybe someday he will look back and think the same about me. He is just getting started in the bakery. He has a different outlook about the business than i do. It's not wrong, it's just different. I'm very proud of him. He keeps comin' back. Everyday I see babysteps in his progress. Lot to learn in the bakery. A bakery instructor friend of mine, Jeff Hamelman tells his class "I can't teach you to bake in one week. I will teach you ten BIG things about baking in that time. You will spend the rest of your life in the bakery, learning a new, little thing, everyday". I wouldn't have gotten through last night without my son.

I'm calling it a day. Don't worry, still had enough energy to fed the sourdough starter. We will have bread on Tuesday. Forecast for Wednesday is good. going to start the Andersonville farmer's market, Wednesday afternoon.

To all you Dad's, Happy Father's Day.


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