Saturday, July 11, 2009

smells kinda vinegary

Yesterday/last night, felt good. It has been exhausting, but still, it felt great. Feels better now, everything came out nice. Croissants, brioche were beautiful, baguettes had plenty of bake. A lot of times, hot Friday night's, busy as we are, things get away from us. My guys did a great job last night. Yesterday afternoon, this place was packed, I mean packed. We have a good number of cakes today and tomorrow, more wedding cakes than I care to deal with, but, oh well.

We made some adjustments this week in our honey oatmeal bread. We kicked up the salt. Made a huge difference. Bread tastes a lot better. Here, I just realized, great example. Tuesday, I asked Jennifer how much salt was in the formula. She said "2.2 percent". We looked at the formula, and realized that the total flour and grain in the formula was 133%. I like salt to be used at 2% of flour. So we kicked it up to 2.6%. It's much easier for bakers to communicate using bakers percent.

We always bake the schnitzel, left from a big bread dough. The piece at the end that doesn't make weight, to be called a loaf. Once baked, we cut it, evaluate it, etc. We tasted the honey oat bread yesterday, was delicious. We also cut open a whole wheat sourdough. Joe walked by, picked it up, smelled it like I ask everybody to do. He said "smells kinda vinegary". Yeah Joe, it's sourdough. Had excellent flavour. We use stiff white levain, in a blend of 50/50 bread flour to whole wheat flour. We use 5% honey and we add a cracked wheat soaker.

I mentioned that we gave up on the Wilmette farmer's market. Wednesday, I got a call from one of the cheese vendors there. He asked about selling our bread. I thought it would be a great idea, he gave me an email address, and I forgot about him. I remembered Thursday morning, but couldn't find his email address. Forgot about it again. He came in the store yesterday, to see me. He explained that he was picking up bread at another bakery and selling it at the market in Wilmette. He said the bread wasn't that good, but it was all he could get. He thought since our name was already familiar to the market, it would be a good fit to sell our bread. I showed him the sheets from the last four markets, what we sent there what came back, our selling prices, etc. He took one look, pointed to the sheet from the 27th of June and said "send me that". I thought wow, sounds like a lot, maybe in a week or two, once customers of the market, know it's available there. We agreed on half, so we'll see what happens.

Gotta get upstairs, got some brioche screamin' to get in the oven.


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