Thursday, July 2, 2009

Camillo is back

Our night man, Camillo returned last night. Things have returned, to what we consider, normal. Still had my usual tiramisu torte for a 6am pick up. Folks outside the bakery business wouldn't understand that. For those of you that don't know, here is what we face, routinely. Bakers leave at 3pm. Afternoon counter help comes in at 4pm, after school. Before the bakers leave, we/they put together a list of what they need to do the next day. The list always contains three classifications. The things we must do, the things we should do, and the things we'd like to do. It is always more than can be done in a day. It's kinda like a huddle in a football game. So, the afternoon store manager gets tied up on the phone with a mother who's child will grow up to be an axe murderer, if he doesn't have pirate themed cup cakes, to match her tablecloth, on his second birthday. In the meantime, second in charge, goes in the back to write on a cake, for some husband that forgot his anniversary, and it happens. Some lady customer gets ahold of the least experienced person on staff. We have gone to a computerized order system. Works great. I'm not very good with it, but I'm of the wrong generation. But it allows a fifteen year old, to commit us to things that weren't on the bakers list, when they left.

Consequently, we committed to a nine inch tiramisu torte for 6am. When the bakers left yesterday, nobody knew about it. The store staff left me a voicemail, so I knew about it. Since I was the only one who knew, I came in to get it ready. Every time I look at the employee phone list, there is never a name below mine.


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