Sunday, August 9, 2009

Filemon's back

Well. the rain never came. We planned for rain and I shot myself in the foot. Both markets yesterday called around 10:30 looking for more stuff. Neither one of them sold completely out. the each came back with three or four loaves of bread. We sold all the pastries and we were out of baguettes at both markets early. The store was busy, busy early, and by mid afternoon, things quieted down. I guess everybody is either at Lolapalooza, or at the beach, eatin' ice cream. Can't blame them entirely. Ice cream at the beach, sounds better than coffee and donuts.

We started off very good today. have had a good crowd since we opened. But, like yesterday, I'm expecting that to fade.

Filemon stopped by this morning. Grabbed a cup of coffee, and his usual hard roll. Lots of cream and sugar in his coffee, then the hard roll. He eats it with a spoon. He's just makin' sure all the soakers and starters are ready for tomorrow. Which they were. his par-baked frozen inventory is at a minimum. Glad to see him back. Now I can catch up in the office. I'm gonna need a snow shovel, and a leaf blower.

We're planning on making lauger pretzels for the Aville market this week. As well as Irish soda bread. Filemon and I were discussing how fast time is passing. He brought up the subject of pumpkin donuts. We always start them at Labor Day. Pumpkin pies as well. As long as the temperatures are normal. We bake for Didier farms out on Aptakistic road, near Buffalo Grove. They start about the first of October, and go thru Halloween. Lots of pumpkin stuff, pies, breads, muffins, cookies. We also do very well with sack apple pies there. Columbus Day is their big weekend. Kids don't have school that Monday. You can't imagine the crowd there. Lake County sheriff is there directing traffic. They got us working nights during the month of October.

I gotta run and get Arturo some cream cheese. He's here fillin' the cookie case. Wants to make cream cheese pinch cookies. I forgot to order cream cheese last week.

Try to stay cool.


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