Wednesday, October 28, 2009

been a while

It seems like forever since I've posted anything. Being busy is a double edged sword. October has been a very big month for the bakery. Our Oktoberfest promotion brought in two hundred twenty more folks than the same week last year. I'm callin' that, worth it. Pretzels were the clear favorite of our offerings. Apflestrudel came in second. Incidentally, Matt put up a cool page on our website devoted to apflestrudel. We really are selling a lot of it. One of them things you can't get in many places. In fact, while I was in Dusseldorf, we ate a place called "Schumachers Golden Kessel". Awesome, awesome food and better beer. Lousy strudel, not lousy, but not like I'm accustomed to.

We've succumbed to the pressure. We are planning on making pretzels a few times a week. We had a group of customers that threatened a petition. Martha and Sam designed a new t-shirt. "I, heart shaped pretzel, pretzels", we should have them(the shirts) by the end of next week.

We've located a nice package for our florentines, for this Christmas season. It's a shiny gold box, with a large window. The box has an insert that has a six well insert. Will easily hold a pound of florentines. Gonna look very snappy with a strip of Bennison's ribbon around it.

Gotta get upstairs and get started. Big orders today for Allison hall, over on the campus, and the Lincoln Park Co-op. We're happy to get 'em, the weather has not been kind to the pumpkin farm this Halloween seson.


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