Thursday, October 1, 2009

uber artisan hot chocolate

Last night was my last night at the Aville market. I said goodbye to the customers that I recognized as "My regulars". Told them that I won't be at next week's market, and I really appreciated their support all summer long. Unanimously they had a look of panic on thier face and the immediately asked "I thought we had one more week". I explained to them that I wouldn't be at the market, but Bennison's will be there. Lots of questions about getting our goods over the winter. Marc Levy came up with a great idea, this morning. We shoul've put together a mailing list thru the summer, and we could stay in contact with the Aville customers electronically. Great idea, a little late.

I will be attending IBA, in Dusseldorf, Germany. IBA is an international trade show that takes place every three years. Largest bakery trade show there is. Several buildings showing equipment and processes that fat to large for our little bakery. But very interesting none the less. Besides it's in Germany. After a few days in Dusseldorf, we will be traveling into Belgium to visit both Brussels and Liege. Fine, fine pastry and chocolate shops in both of those cities. I plan on seeing two of the guys who were a part of the Belgium baking team, I competed against in 2005.

Another event during IBA, is a few days with the French group "Ambassaduers du pain". The "Ambassadors of Bread". I'm not yet a member, but I found a sponsor, so while I'm there I plan to join. This group is focused more on the nutritional & quality values of baked goods, rather than supporting the baking tradition.

Two days ago, Jennifer made our first sheet of "Housemade marshmallows". It's something I've always wanted to do. I've always wanted to use our own marshmallows for our hot chocolate. We been making our hot chocolate syrup for years. So now, in keeping with true artisan tradition, we are using real marshmallows. The texture is so much better than store bought. They also have vanilla bean in them. That makes them really cool. White marshmallows with tiny vanilla bean specks.

Gotta get busy creating the goods we will feature during our Oktoberfest week. Not anxious to sell them but we need to get photos done for our website.

Stay tuned.


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