Sunday, August 23, 2009

ken hillard

Cool morning, this morning. I'm off this Sunday, that means I get to come in whenever I awake. I made it here just before 5am. I told you before, early Sunday morning, I 'm alone in the bakery, briefly. I really enjoy it, very soothing, to realize that this place really does get this peaceful. Got sack apple pies in the oven, and I have to make Tiramisu tortes today. We promised one for 7am, Monday morning. I could have said no, but yesterday afternoon, Monday morning was a long way off. Any bakers reading this can appreciate what I'm sayin'. Happens all the time. A customer wants a thirty inch tall bust of Elvis, next January 8th, no problem. I'll quote a price, which always turns out to be too low. It never fails, then the cake decorator guy, will get a speeding ticket in December, in Lake County, and he will have to be gone the entire day, on the 8th.

After our oven episode on Friday, we decided that, we would not bake in that oven Saturday night. We would have it cooled off to work on Sunday morning. We needed to vacuum out the ashes, clean the smoke covered windows and lens covers over the lights. Might funny, the timing of things. My buddy John Roeser, Roeser's bakery, on North Ave. in Chicago, had some work done on his oven a week ago, or so. This style of oven, regardless of manufacturer, they're pretty much all the same, mechanically. They all have a piece called the "Stabilizer wheel". I never paid much attention to it. I always knew it was there, didn't know why. John just had his replaced because his shelves were always unlevel. While we had the oven somewhat apart, I mentioned to Ken(Ken lives here in the neighborhood, more later) that the shelves always "Rocked" more than they should, in this oven. I'll be a sonofagun, since we took the oven door off, now I could see. The stabilizer wheels in this oven were about a half inch off, from where they should be. Now, if we hadn't had the little oven fire we had, the same week as John had the work done on his oven, my shelves would still be rockin.
Ken Hillard is a guy who lives here in the neighbor hood. He does a lot of painting and clean up down at the YMCA. He’s always around. Drinks a lot of coffee. You’ll never see Ken walkiong around the neighborhood without a Bennison cup in his hand. He turns up all hours of the night. He does some delivery work for the bakery, waters the flowers, moves the snow, does light repair work, and he was involved in the set up of this oven, I’v e been talkin’ about. He’s alittle guy, so whenever we need someone to crawl in the oven and fetch somethin’ out, Ken’s the guy. Sunday morning he leveled the shelves and cleaned up the fire remains.
Turn’s out Saturday was an awesome day for business. Rachel Ray turned up down at the GCM, so that really energized the crowd there. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, so the street s were full of people. We only had one wedding cake, so I count that as a favor. They day had a feel like there should have been a football game over at the high school.
Gotta get upstairs and get busy on some more plum goods, sellin’ fast.


Blogger Laminatrix said...

I was at GCM Saturday (flax bread, 7-grain loaf, and a brioche), and there were at least 8-10 people in three lines at your stand pretty much the whole time I was there.

August 25, 2009 at 3:57 PM  

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