Saturday, March 20, 2010

black specks

Friday, March 19th was St. Joseph's Day. Not really a big holiday here in Evanston, but we do our part to please all religious groups. Not sure of the significance of the day, but I know it's an Italian thing. It is celebrated with "Zeppoli". We use our cruellers, split them in half, and fill them with a ring of pastry creme/custard or cannoli creme. On top of the custard ones we put a whole, glazed strawberry and on the cannoli filled ones we use a red cherry. The red colour is important. We did well with them yesterday, I think we made about fourteen dozen. Italian bakeries sell them all day long, I was happy with what we did. We also made St. Joseph loaf, a hearth bread, round in shape that we use two strings, of the same dough, to form a cross on the top. With our computerized register system, we can tell how often people order from us. Yes, there are people that only show up on holidays. I'm fine with that as long as they keep coming. St. Joseph's loaf is a good example. We only made twelve loaves, but it is an important part of someone's celebration. Just like the lady who gets a poppy seed coffee cake for her daughter every Christmas eve. Yes, it is a pain in the neck, but after years and years, how could I tell someone "No". I like the idea that we are a part of someone's "Family tradition", even if it does create my family tradition of sleeping thru every major holiday. Seems we have disappointed a person or two, by not having any Zeppoli yesterday afternoon. We have a few orders for today yet. Something did happen yesterday afternoon, that I'll never forget. It was just about 4:30 yesterday afternoon and a lady called to complain about "The black specks in the pastry creme filling in her Zeppoli". I'm comfortable that she is someone who was never here before. I'm assuming it was someone who grew up on Twinkies and Dunkin Donuts. Give anything to know what she thought after she ate it.

We did very well with our Irish Soda bread this year. I think the count is around a hundred eight five, or so. Much better than we ever did in the past. We were out early on the 17th. We also had orders for yesterday and today as well. I'm not surprised, i mention it before, stuff is really tasty, moist and sweet. sold a lot of shamrock cookies as well. We didn't do anything different with those cookies. I'm thinking maybe the weather had somethin' to do with it.

Have a good weekend.


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