Thursday, March 4, 2010

still no bag

Yesterday, Roger left for the airport around 10am. Returned to the hotel at 10:30pm. Flight after flight, no sign of peter's missing bag/box. Eight flights from Heatherow to Paris, didn't get on one of 'em. Every phone call found a different person and a different answer. Late night, we got a promise that they would change the luggage tag, and hopefully that would do the trick. This morning we spoke to British Air at Heathrow, they claimed it was on the first flight out. Checked on-line, no luck. Not that it wasn't there, the web site took us nowhere. Roger is searching for a phone number into British Airways baggage service here in the Paris airport. Needless to say, Peter and Dara are getting stressed out. Dara needs the brown rice flour, that Peter added to his box, and Peter needs all the irreplaceable hand tools, even more.

My time in the bakery yesterday, was AWESOME!!! Here by myself, shapin', bakin' baguettes. Baguettes came out nice. French flour is very forgiving. It doesn't have that strong elastic property that North American flour has. The elastic side of the protein is much milder. Very timely, our transplanted British host Nigel just stepped in the office here asking me how "My" bake went yesterday. We started talking about the differences in the wheat from North America to here. He made a good point, "Used to be that wheat fields use to wave in the wind. No more wheat is designed to grow a foot shorter than before with a very sturdy stalk. That way there isn't nearly as much wind damage as there used to be". In the states we have a song that has a line about "Amber waves of grain". So much for boasting about using non genetically modified wheat!

Just overheard Roger say that the phone number he has is the right one, but the office doesn't open until 2pm.

Well, I had so much fun yesterday, I made another baguette dough for today, only this time I planned ahead and made a poolish for the baguette. I also made a good size piece of croissant dough. I'll letcha know how it goes. The dough is laminated with 26.5% Montague butter, 85% butter fat. Butter is created just for lamination.

Can't wait. Baguette is screamin' to be divided.

au revoir, ayez un beau jour


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