Saturday, March 27, 2010

high near 70

Saturday morning, tomorrow is Palm Sunday. I should be all worked up, seeing how Easter is one week away. If it was eight days before Christmas, I would be so wound up. 1976 was first, full time, Easter here at Bennison's. We baked and baked, for two weeks, gettin' ready for the day. I was working nights then, I started at 10pm. I came in early on Good Friday, we had a heavy night, of course. I got here around 8pm, by the time we opened on Saturday morning, there was an inch of ice on everything in God's world. Back then we were closed Easter Sunday, so on Monday morning when we came in, it was all here. Lamb cakes, bunny's, basket cakes, cookies, egg cakes, awful, just awful. It tarnished me for life. Unfortunate really, Easter can be a very busy time for bakers, but I just don't get into it. I'd rather make a hundred gingerbread houses, than ten lamb cakes.

Today, down at GCM, we are selling a new variety of bread. Sweet City Loaf, it's a crusty white loaf, laced with carrots, onions, hazelnuts, flax seed and honey. It was a very good first try, next time will be better. It seemed short on "Stuff". We need to kick up the carrots, and onions, and we are going to add a little ground cumin. I got the idea from Dan Klecko, baker buddy up in Minneapolis.

Looks like we'll be going back to the Wilmette French market this summer. We'd like to anyway. I've requested an application. the thing that I'm always hesitant about is, "Who will staff it"? My daughter graduates from college in late May, her and a group of friends, so we have a new crop of "Staff". Making the product is the least of our concerns. Even getting it there, is not much of an issue. But who's gonna sell it, and bring it all back? Those are the real concerns.

Gotta get upstairs, get started on our lamb cakes, as much as I'm not looking forward too it, it's gotta be done. Predicted high "Near 70", next Friday. Gotta see it to believe it. I was next door at the hardware store, day before yesterday, I picked up a fifteen pound bag of ice melter.


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