Monday, May 10, 2010

bat 17 sandwich story

A new high, and low. Yesterday being Mother's Day, turned out to be more than I remember. I made some good notes for next year. We got pasted. I've been in bakeries that were being auctioned off, that had more product in them, than we did, yesterday at closing. What is purchased here today, will be fresh, guaranteed! The low side is how long people had to wait in line.

Our bakery occupies two store fronts. We are on the southwest corner of the intersection. We also occupy the space to the west of the corner. In the store window of that space, is where we do all the cake decorating. There is a set of steps there for kids to stand on and watch. We also have a security system monitor in there so the cake folks can find someone they need to speak to, inside the bakery. A few of the cameras are located in our store. Around 8:15 yesterday, I was in there decorating a cake. I happened to catch a glimpse of the monitor, and I noticed loads of customers in the store. I stepped back and noticed the store door was being held open by the line. I leaned forward over the decorating table, which is in the window, and looked east. I could see the end of the line, well outside the building. It was a very overwhelming experience. This was the fourth time I've seen people waiting outside. Two of the four were on a Fat Tuesday, and once on a more recent Saturday morning. But never as long of a line, as yesterday.

There is a relatively new program on Sunday nights, on WGN TV. It is called "Chicago's best". Every week, the show has a title and/or theme. Last night they previewed three sandwich spots in the Chicago area. One of them was Bat 17, here in Evanston. Matt has put up a link to the story on our website, on the bread page. Turns out that Bat 17 is a customer of ours. They have bough their bread from us, since they opened. They really do make incredible sandwiches. They are not inexpensive, but worth every cent. They made reference to our bread three times during the four minute spot. Jim and Jim, really take care of their business. One of them is always there. They deserve all the praise they get. To bad they didn't mention their burgers, they are the real highpoint of the menu. A ten ounce patty on a high crown brioche bun, badass, straight up.

The power of advertising is unmeasurable. Since the story about our macarons broke in Chicago magazine, it's been nonstop. We make 'em everyday. I made several mixes last Thursday and Friday, so I wouldn't have to make any Saturday or Sunday. I got by today as well, but I won't be so lucky tomorrow.

We just put together our alleged production list for tomorrow. opening day at GCM is Wednesday. Should go out and yuck it up tonight, winter break is over. Tomorrow we start working like men again.


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