Sunday, May 10, 2009

mom's day

it's almost 11 am, mother's day. it's been a full out sprint since we started this morning at 3am. reduced crew on saturday nights, only 3 of us involved. i pretty much pack all the orders that go out. today we had a lot of baked goods going to area mom's day brunches. i saw everything that will be eaten at all of these places. i have to say i was very proud of the goods we sent out today, as well as the goods that we had in our store today. i'm very proud of my staff. they don't hear it enough. so, kudos to you. many times, my dad would walk in the bakery, see what's here and say "you get in a car, and you will drive a long way before you find stuff like ours". today that statement is fitting. that is why it's a good day to come to our bakery. well, it was earlier, it's empty now. we got slammed. we got slammed yesterday, also. at the green city farmer's market, we were sold out at 10:30. market lasted until 1pm. so the same gang that i was just praising will have to lace 'em up tight this week. get to bed early. the evanston farmer's market starts next saturday, the 16th. we're gonna need a lotta stuff next friday night.

to you on the other side of the counter, tomorrow will be a great day to stop by bennison's, cause it'll all be fresh.....


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