Monday, June 29, 2009

kudos to janet davies

Sorry I didn't write yesterday, I had a legitimate day off. Doesn't happen often. I couldn't tell you the last time I took a day off when I was in town. Hard to believe some people even have two of those in a row! But, you can't run a bakery via remote control. Many have tried, even more have failed. A bakery is unique, we are hand producing a highly perishable product. One day is over, and we do it all over gain for the next day. Bakeries try to get ahead by freezing some product in the raw state, and bake it as they go. Beside producing, we are a retailer as well. I guess you could say we are liable for twice the compensation, but are liable for twice the risk.

Kudos to Janet Davies on channel seven news. She does the show 190 North, on Sunday nights. Last night she reviewed a number of newer Chicago "eateries", as she calls them. After a commercial break she talked about new dessert spots. She reviewed Twisted Sister bakery in old town and Crema Bakery in Lincoln square. Very nice looking places, nice looking stuff. Tarts, cookies, cupcakes, I didn't see any yeasted items. BUT she didn't call them BAKERIES! I was very touched.

We're ramping up for a big day at our farmer's markets on Wednesday. Weather will be nice. Nice weather predicted for Saturday the fourth as well. I'm expecting the store and the markets to be jumpin' that day. We will be open that day, 8am to 3pm. Should be a busy day. There is just no way we can be closed on Saturday and open on Sunday. You know, the whole feeding the starters thing.

We decided to pull out of the Wilmette french market. It's a little to competitive for us. They allow to many people to purchase goods from a bakery and resell them. I think it's a bad policy. None of our other markets allow people to do that. Besides, they call it a "French market", not a "farmer's market". It is really more like a flea market, to us.

Gotta run the market production numbers upstairs. The bakers are anxious to get started.


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