Sunday, July 12, 2009

GCM chef's BBQ

It's later Sunday morning, had to come back and make a delivery. The McDougal family is having one of their typical big parties. got enough cake ordered for 250 people. not really sure what it's all about. They been throwin' big parties with Bennison cakes, my whole life. They used to have a party couple times a year. They always order big round cakes. Spice cake with buttercreme or devil's food filled and iced with fudge. When they would order a tiered cake cake it would be done using these flavours as well. We have a lot of loyal customers like that, as do all bakeries. I've mentioned before, I really enjoy knowing our customers and talking with them.

This coming Thursday, the 16th, ib the Chef's BBQ at the Green City Market. It is really a great party. A regular food orgy. Anyone and everyone associated with the food scene in Chicago, will be there. They put up a temporary fence around the market. They sell tickets, last I heard you can still get them on Craig's list. All the hot chef's, past and present, in Chicago, will be grilling. Your admittance entitles you to all you can eat and drink. In the past, Goose Island Brewing was there tappin' beer, and there was a wine company, don't remember who. It is a great party. We have gotten orders from many of the chefs/restaurants that will be there. I think we have orders from six or seven of them. Each have ordered sixty to sixty five dozen buns and rolls, all mini stuff. we run all our rolls thru a two pocket roll machine, no gettin' divided and shaped is no problem, but still alot of work. Biggest pain is baggin'em all. Mini hot dog buns for elk sausage, mini hard rolls for some type of french dipped sandwich, mini burger buns for another, etc. On a weekly basis, at the GCM, there are three vendors that use our buns for the sandwiched they sell at the market. Tiny Greens uses our sliced cracked wheat bread. River Valley Ranch uses our buns for their grilled portabella mushroom sandwiches. Sunday Dinner buys both buns and loaves for whatever they sell at the market. We also make the crepe batter for the crepe stand at GCM. I've heard that is something to watch. People wait a very long time on line for crepes. They use only filling items that they can get at the market that day. They are always talkin' about it on the GCM twitter site.

Last night was a social function, put on by the BBGA at Kendall College. The guild is sponsoring a two day class at Kendall college, this weekend. Peter Yuen, member of the 2008 baking team is teaching a laminated dough class. Everytime the guild holds a master class, the also hold a social party for the class and all the local members. Last night I was speaking to Michael Cox, his wife Connie is ana ttendee to the class. While she was n class Saturday, he wandered over to the GCM. He was telling me about the long lines at most of the vendors, Bennison's included. He couldn't get over the wait time for crepes.

Goes to show ya once again. The world is jones'n for high quality food.


Blogger Laminatrix said...

Speaking of jonesing, what are the chances that there will be some semolina sesame sourdough this weekend?

July 13, 2009 at 9:19 AM  
Blogger Jory Downer said...

It's finally made it to one of those "every market offerings". Kinda restores my faith in humanity, well bread hounds anyway. It's always at GCM. Spotty at the other markets.

July 14, 2009 at 7:03 AM  

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