Saturday, July 18, 2009

life's great /bad decisions

Not one of our better nights, last night. Product was nice but things just didn't come together like they should have. Had to double back to both markets. Things got forgotten. Some days your the pigeon and some days your the statue. This day only has one direction to go.

We make all butter danish to go to the GCM, every market. Today we topped them with cherries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. Once they are half proofed, we egg wash them a second time. We pipe on a big spot of a blend of pastry creme and lemon curd. Place the fruit on top, and finish proofing. We bake them and glaze them out of the oven. Once cool, we dust them LIGHTLY, with powdered sugar. They are gorgeous today. I'm comfortable none of these will make a return trip, to the bakery. Val does a great job with laminated doughs. Game ball Val Irving.

A few weeks ago we started baking buns for River Valley Ranch. They are the artisan mushroom farm in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. They are across the aisle from us at the Aville market. We've known Eric for a long time. Helluva nice guy. Anyway, he's as busy as the rest of us, forgot to call in his bun order, a few markets ago. We sent a good stack of buns,to cover him. I told our girls at the market, sell whatever he doesn't want. They were the first thing to sell out. Since then we keep sending more and more buns, hamburgers and hot dogs, plain and seeded. This morning we sent a stack tall as me. We'll see. We divide and run our buns thru a 2 pocket Koenig machine. My wife made me mad two Christmas's ago and I bought it. Coulda bought another German product with four tires and a Blaupunkt radio for what I spent! I struggled with the decision, talked to my dear friend Tony Stricker, several times about it. One of those decisions that falls into the category of "the list of great decisions in my life" list. I have a a bad list too. This thing divides and rounds three thousand pieces an hour. In bakers talk, that's about a three dozen press of rolls every eighty seconds. One man. We us it to divide and shape our yeast raised donuts as well. This market season we started frying the raised donuts, Friday, late afternoon. I'm involved in that. Shaping the donuts now, is over before it starts. Our baker Mark keeps telling all the new hires, "if the bakery catches on fire, I'm gettin' the roll divider out before you". Needless to say, I get excited about making buns.

Gotta get upstairs and get this day back on track. I have a graduation party to go to this afternoon, and Rascal Flatts concert tonight, gonna be a full day. Weather is gonna be great.Market should do well.


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