Thursday, August 13, 2009

need a cheese monger now

What a gorgeous day yesterday. Busy everywhere. Markets both cleaned out. Store was busy. Sold out of sandwiches early. Heavy customer count yesterday. The Aville market was jumpin'. That "Dinner crawl" really drew in the folks. They pre-sold over three hundred tickets. The market there has really turned into a social event. I guess if you live in Andersonville and you're not seen at the market, ce tre gauche!

We baked Chris' "Bostock" and fresh fruit croissnts. Straight up awesome. The raspberries and blueberries kinda came apart in the oven so the pastries were very moist. He baked them longer than I expected. The crust got a little crunchy, but was offset by the moisture. The bostock had a lot of things going on. Crunchy almonds, sweetness, a hint of orange, richness from loads of butter. I went and saw the Julia Child movie, Sunday night. The movie was o.k.. I thought it could have been more about Julia Child, and less about the book thing. Really more of a girls' movie. Meryl Strep was incredible. She did a great job. Anyway, lots about butter in that movie.

Bostock sold out first, last night. We only had twenty four pieces. A few folks came back looking for more. Did well with our pretzels last night. They were nice, for a first try. While I'm at the convention in Germany, in October I'll research them a little more. Mr. Hamelman out in Vermont is an old pretzel twister from way back. I'm gonna give him a shout as well.

The average sale at the Aville market is still increasing. People are buying more and more. Lots of mentioning about freezing and what they use our bread for. One lady said she served chicken salad on our raisin fennel bread. It really works when customers stand there and promote our product to other customers. There was a lady last night, almost got nasty with another customer when she questioned one of our prices.

Well this day is off to a typical start. Joe just came downstairs and said we are out of Swiss cheese. It's easy to find a five pound loaf of swiss cheese at six in the morning, right?


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