Thursday, October 29, 2009

another simple idea

Turns out all the folks who assured us they would buy pretzels if we made them on a regular basis, didn't shop here yesterday. Win some, loose some. We're still tryin'. Made 'em again today. Funny, different set of store personnel today, already sold a bunch. They were quick to point out, that yesterday we had them in the wrong spot in the store. They moved them today, and voila!! Sold out by eleven.

Just now, on my way to the office, my son Guy was rolling caramel apples in Halloween sprinkles. We buy caramel apples from Andrews in Chicago. Couple of reasons. First, theirs are the best. A reputable bakery supply house sells "Taffy Apple Fudge", in a pail. Theory is, just heat it up and dip your apples. Stuff is really not good. The caramel from Andrews is the real deal. The second reason is, their tricky to do. It's tricky to keep the caramel from sliding off the apple. Strange where ideas come from. Daniel is a part-time bakers assistant. The other day he had an idea to roll, plain caramel apple in Halloween sprinkles. Turns out, they've become our number one seller behind plain and peanut. Everyone used to discount Daniel, but no more. Daniel is young man that found us thru a high school program. He is, not sure how you say this, but he has slight "Special needs". Does a terrific job finishing and stacking cookies. Stacks 'em like German soldiers. We sell so many more cookies because of what he does. Our cookie case never looked nicer.

We're gettin' ready for a big weekend here. Found out last night that this is parent's weekend at Northwestern. Downtown Evanston is gonna be a madhouse.


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