Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the four try rule

We produced enough yesterday, I gotta spend some time in the office today. Days are gonna start runnin' into nights, very soon here.

Last week I found some clear, soft plastic, candy "Tubes". Today we are going to pack four macaroons, in a tube. Gonna make a smokin' hot, affordable, delicious gift. We will be selling them for $5.29. One each gingerbread, chocolate, strawberry and pistachio macaroon, is how we will be filling them. The dilemma is how to finish 'em. They need a bow, or something. I'm sure the girls will come up with something.

We are baking a batch of stollen everyday now. I mentioned it before, but now, this stollen is "Spot on". We got 'er figured out. It took us four tries. Wise baker friend John Roeser learnt me that long ago. "When you start something new, it takes a minimum of four tries before you get it dialed in". He was "Spot on", as well. On our first try, I looked at our new stollen molds, small ones rated at 500g, and large 1 kilo. I said "No way will that much mass fill these molds". My bad, I questioned German molds makers, as to how much stollen dough will fill their pans. Funny, they were right. We scaled 'em to heavy. They baked up over the edge of the mold. Second try, we reduced the weight, and baked them a little to dark. We baked them in our rotating oven, just setting the mold on the oven shelf. Third try, we baked them by setting the stollen mold on a sheet pan, trying to protect the bottom. I under baked 'em. Fourth try, on sheet pans, longer, hotter bake time. Yahtzee! We cut one yesterday. Aged folk will remember, the Imperial margarine commercial, on black and white television. A guy spreads Imperial margarine on a slice of toast and trumpets sound, and a crown appears on his head. "Flavour fit for a king"! Very appropriate.

Late yesterday afternoon, myself, my dad and my son finished some more gingerbread houses. One of them Christmas moments in the bakery, you'll never forget.

First time, I don't have to get upstairs. I gotta get to the other office where the checkbook is. The checkbook, flour bills, gas and phone bills and a couple of bank statements to balance.


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