Wednesday, December 2, 2009

wonderin' why it takes so long

Well we got the oven to turn off. Turns out the switch is a little "Soft". Probably need to replace that soon. Seems that portion of the bakery is back in order.

Things seem to be moving along with our plans to take over part of the old print shop next door. I heard a long time ago, "If the rest of the world operated like the bakery business, the world would be a better place". people call the bakery at 3pm Tuesday and order a birthday cake to be picked up Wednesday at 9am. They come in, it's ready. I drop off a motor at the motor repair shop, 3pm Tuesday. The guy says "I'll get on it right away. Give me a call at the end of the week". WHAT???? My dad worked for Standard Brands for twenty five years, before he bought the bakery. He sold ingredients to bakeries and restaurants. In 1967, Chicago experienced a record setting snow storm. I remember he got home late that night. In the morning the car was half in the driveway. He couldn't pull it all the way in. Anyway, the city was shut down. No freight in or out of the city for days. When things started to loosen up, Standard Brands, sent a salesman to Joliet, Illinois with a brief case full of yeast. The guy grabbed a cab and spent the day, going from bakery to bakery, dropping off yeast.

I guess I'm telling you this because, the city of Evanston is emptying out. More and more business leaving every week. Mostly on the east side of the tracks. I've been trying to get things worked out with the property management people for months, on the space next door. I call them, they get back to me right away, a week later. If only they worked like bakers.........

This afternoon I'm attending a monthly bakers meeting. It'll be back to the bakery Thursday morning and off to the races for the next twenty two days. Orders are piling up, gonna be a big weekend. We're baking for a few ethnic Christmas type events. This weekend, the Swedes and the Germans.

I told Mark I'd help with a big dough he has on the table. I told him I'd be there right away. That was twenty minutes ago.


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