Tuesday, December 1, 2009

long day, lots of miles

It was 12:30am when I stepped thru my back door, into the kitchen at home, this morning. Oven was firing. Acting like it should. The down side, as of right now, we can't switch the fan motor off. I'll figure that out today. As I told Patti last night, "We didn't bake much Monday, gonna be a long time before we need to turn it off anyway". It doesn't have much down time as it is. Most days, we turn off the oven between 4 and 6pm. It really never cools down, bricks stay hot a long time.

My son Guy left for Cleveland, Twinsburg actually, around 8:15, Monday morning. We were here waiting last night, around 8:30 for his return. Kinda cool, like a herd of doctors waiting for a donated kidney. I think he said it was just shy of seven hundred miles. I left late afternoon yesterday and he called me when he hit the skyway. I arrived back at the bakery around 8pm. Made coffee and waited. As soon as he arrived, Ken and I, started twistin' wrenches. About 11:15, we turned it on. What a beautiful sound. Like summer sunrise and birds chirpin'. As soon as the temperature started to climb, Arturo started the mixer.

Another thing happened yesterday. We opened a bag of pretzel salt. Since we started making pretzels, we've been using coarse, kosher salt. Salesman was in a few weeks back and I spotted pretzel salt in his sales book. I ordered one. A hundred pounds of pretzel salt. What a difference! The stuff is white, white, not clearish like kosher salt. It really stands out on the darker skin of a pretzel. Looks just like the pretzels in Germany. I never researched it because I assumed salt like that, wasn't available here. Who knew?

Gotta get upstairs. We're a day behind. We'll never make it up. I've been here since 3am. No need to worry about repairin' that "Off" switch on the oven. My baby's gonna be tired. Just so she doesn't get cranky. In twenty four days and we'll shut'r off.


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