Tuesday, March 30, 2010

multiple things always happen at once

We had a great day, retail wise yesterday. It was Passover, so we should be busy. We started the day by needing more macaroons, banana loaves, and sponge rings. We also finished our first Easter cookies, the large bunny and chick cookies. Dipped our first little egg cakes as well. I feel a little relieved to get that stuff started. Today we will do the little chocolate eggs, and finish our first lamb cakes.

It's a good thing business is good, because yesterday the pump motor on our pan washer went out. The thing just seized up. It was about 5pm yesterday, when we finally got the motor off of the machine. It's one heavy son-of-a-gun. Today we'll take it to the motor shop, with a box of morning pastries and we'll see what happens. Funny how that box of pastries opens a lot of doors. When my son was little, maybe eight or nine years old, he played hockey. Still plays actually, but skate sharpening is an on going battle, in a hockey players life, hockey players parents' life, as well. Skate sharpening is almost a craft. The Wilmette Bike Shop used to be the best around. I assume they still are. When you'd go in the back door to drop off skates, there was just a "Sea of skates" there to be done. Didn't matter what time of day you went in there, you could always hear the machine running. The unmistakable sound if metal against a grinding stone. I learned that if I went there mid morning, with a box of pastries, I never waited. Never got charged either. Larry would say "Just wait right there". I'd stand there and watch him do his thing, and off I would go. I'm sure we'll get the same treatment at the motor shop today. They aren't going to repair a ten horse motor, for a box of danish, but I bet they get on it quicker.

On top of the pan washer goin' down, we took a truck in for a "Wheel hub replacement", to the dealer. It was under warranty. I love that, it was under warranty, so was the water pump and the door hinges, on the side door. So when we pick it up this afternoon, it's only gonna cost us, just over a thousand dollars. I told them to go ahead with the "Recommended radiator flush, transmission flush, brake fluid flush, power steering flush, and fuel injector flush". Damn truck will be clean when we get it back. I don't know enough about things that run on gasoline, to make good decisions about them. Besides, we needed macaroons in the store, I had chocolate on the stove melting to dip the eggs, we had a new intern yesterday, I was tryin' to remove the motor from the panwashing machine, had to place my flour order by noon, we had a big breakfast delivery on the campus at 10am, that involved brewed coffee, and I was trying to teach Zack how to decorate the Easter cookies. So. I probably agreed to some unnecessary flushes, yesterday.

I've said it before, "Some days you're the statue, some days you're the pigeon".


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