Thursday, May 27, 2010

meetin' the person who......

The weather is on our side, currently. Yesterday was very nice, Saturday is looking even better. Yesterday, I had to take Patti to Midway airport, down on the south side of the city. On my way back north, I stopped at the GCM, they were doing well. They had a constant stream of customers. I stopped to pick up, baker at the market, Joe. He was there to face his, laminated product followers, and it pleased him very much. Upon a customer asking for a croissant or monkey bun, the market kids would introduce Joe as, "The guy who makes them". People were genuinely glad to see his face, they really had a chance to "Meet the producer". Next week, I think Jennifer Park is going. Folks who buy the danish pastries, flaxseed rye, sunflower rye or honey oatmeal bread, will be in luck.

Today we're gonna make a new quickbread loaf. Banana bread with peanut butter and chocolate chunks. We're callin' it, "Nananutterchoco loaf". There's a baking site on facebook, probably not how you say that, but it's "Baking 101". The site is run by my very philosophical baker buddy, Dan Klecko. He posted the formula. I ran down the proper size chocolate chunks, last week. We've been doin' more with these tea bread/quickbread, type loaves. We've gone to a disposable baking mold, a nice crisp looking cellophane bag and a bow tied with Bennison ribbon. It's a sharp looking package, suitable for a small gift. We have them in various spots in the store and near both registers. Keeping with seasonal trends, we made zucchini bread this week. Blueberries are next, lemon poppy seed bread with blueberries and then peaches.

This weekend, my daughter graduates from college in California. We are all going so we've decided to forgo the Wilmette farmer's market, this weekend. We will still be at GCM and Evanston. Those of you looking for flaxseed rye, we will have it this weekend at GCM. In fact, I think we are going to start having that loaf at every GCM. I think we will go to alternating sunflower rye and honey oatmeal. It's no surprise, people know what's good. Our flax rye has incredible flavour, and stays moist for a good while. We soak the flax seed in three times it's weight in water. It's really kinda creepy. It gets like aspic, or clear jello with flax seed. They really don't swell, the omit jelling properties. If they aren't soaked before they are added to the dough, the seeds will draw the moisture from the crumb of the loaf, resulting in a very dry loaf. I sometimes think we should reduce some of the rye flour that is "soured", and just add it to the final dough, 'cause man it can get pretty sour, 'specially in the summer. The sour should be held around 55'f, but we only have a small fridge that we hold at that temperature. The sour sits at room temperature, 'round 80'f I'm guessin', and it really gets going. Someday we'll have a grown up bakery.

Gotta get goin' here, gotta get ahead on macaroons for the weekend. Yesterday it was lavender and vanilla. Today pistachio and red velvet.


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