Monday, May 11, 2009

monday morning

whoa, what a weekend. yesterday was the biggest sunday our bakery has ever had. we took a beating. today we need to regroup, reorder and restart. we're out of a lot of ingredients. had run to a neighbor bakery and get a few things on friday, to get thru the weekend. mondays we have a smaller crew in production. we rotate mondays and saturdays. pretty much, if you work one, you're off the other. monday is a good sandwich day. i guess folks have a harder time gettin' started on monday mornings. no time to prepare a sack lunch?

one of my favorite sandwiches here, is our croque monsieur. i gotta say the key to our sandwiches is our bread. for the croque, we use our miche. our miche is a very special loaf. mark and val make it. it is, ya know, i'll talk about our miche tomorrow. anyway, a thick, hand sliced piece of miche, spread with dijon mustard. we "bag on" bechamel sauce using a pastry bag. a few slices of canadian ham, a bit more bechamel. topped with sliced ementaler cheese, and sprinkled with cacciocavallo cheese. we toast them and put them out for sale. they should be heated before eating. best to do it here. we heat them in our stone oven, never a microwave. if you take it home cold, i know you will use a microwave to heat it. shame on you!
just the croque monsieur alone is a good reason to stop by our bakery today.

well, our flowers outside were ignored this weekend. gotta go water them. was gonna talk about iced summer drinks today, but based on current temps, should probably mention homemade marshmallows for our hot chocolate.......


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