Sunday, May 24, 2009

My daughter gets it

Had a revelation occur this week. Thursday night we had a birthday celebration in our house. It was my son Guy's, birthday. he turned twenty five, so it was an adult celebration. We cooked dinner at home and as we usually do, we purchase some bakery goods from another bakery. What better chance for all of us to be together and taste competitor's products. My wife, Patti, bought some dinner rolls, from another RETAIL bakery. They were real, create from start to finish right there all at the same address. They were very well done. Fairly priced, as well. We opened the bag at the dinner table and my eighteen year old daughter Deanne, grabbed one and immediately smelled it! It was a very proud moment. She get's it! She understands what to look for, in a loaf of bread! la vie est belle!

The biggest difference in our goods over others is, we respect the process a little more. We understand the value of sourcing out the proper flour, fermenting it, for what seems like forever, shaping it and fermenting some more. The whole baking process cannot be compromised at any stage, or the goods in the end, will suffer. A baker's understanding of the whole process is key.

I left off talking about the enzyme, protease. There are actually five enzymes, present in the bread baking process. Two are in the flour and three are in the yeast. The other enzyme in the flour is Diastase or Amylase. Any "ase" is an enzyme that attacks whatever word is in front of it. Amylase denatures the amyllos in the flour. Without it there wouldn't be any transformation of starch into simple sugars that are digestible, by the yeast. Before the starch is transformed, it is a complex sugar. The enzyme protease, denatures the protein in the wheat. More critical information for the baker. Remember that, protease denatures the wheat protein. A little denaturing is a good thing, too much, not so good. Try to follow where I'm going here. Salt, has an inhibiting effect on the enzymatic activity.

The day is to nice to be talking about this stuff. Gotta get outside and enjoy what's left of this day.


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