Friday, May 15, 2009

homemade jam

yesterday, val cooked some unbelievable homemade rhubarb jam. she also mixed a danish dough, which today will be laminated and shaped. it will sit in the fridge overnite and tomorrow morning will be baked. there are a couple of things that make this happening so special.

her jam is made with five ingredients: fresh rhubarb, sugar, pectin, lemon juice and vanilla bean. when it comes to baking, you must always remember, simplest is best. no gums or high fructose whatever. she cooked it, for what seemed like a couple of hours, real slow. the vanilla bean is so aromatic, and the jam is such a rich, red color. gonna make some incredible pastry.

today she will take the fermented dough and laminate with 100% butter. not boasting, but very few places laminate like we do. when this danish bakes tomorrow morning, the lamination will resemble fine corduroy. no real secrets about the lamination, ya just gotta pay attention. after it rests a hour or so, it will be rolled and cut into strings. they will be twisted and curled up into snails, egg washed and put back into the fridge.

early saturday morning, they will egg washed again and allow to rise somewhat. we will pipe on a ring of pastry creme. once again, homemade stuff. once again, simple stuff. milk, egg yolks, sugar, corn starch, butter and vanilla bean. nothin' says "vanilla", like vanilla bean. the center of the pastry creme will be filled with THE jam of all jams. it'll be topped with streusel and a little crystal sugar, allowed to complete the rising, and baked. we will remove it from the oven and glaze it right away. done. into the store and of to the markets.

ya know there are alot of days i wish i was a customer. guessin' tomorrow will be on of 'em.


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