Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Strawberry Tarts

If you ever find strawberry tarts in our display case, BUY THEM! We made some yesterday, sold 'em all.

A few times in my life, I can remember strawberries tasting like strawberries. At the end of my block, growing up, there was a large open field that led up to the "woods". In that field every summer we would pick wild strawberries, not a lot, and they were small. But the flavor. On ice cream. Also, when i competed in Paris, we bought strawberries from Fauchon. The independent, most upscale grocery store in Paris. Those strawberries smelled like perfume, red all the way through. Juicy, run down your chin juicy.

We ONLY make strawberry tarts when the berries are good enough for tart purpose. So many times we get strawberries, and they have as much flavour as a potato. The interior is as white as a potato as well, and sour! We have to use them, because people order their birthday cakes with strawberry filling. We fold them into the typical red glaze that has enough sugar to make the berries palatable. They are sandwiched between cake layers, and the slice of cake has enough icing on it, so they taste o.k.

But in strawberry tarts here at our bakery, the berries can't hide. We use a tart shell made from sugar, butter, almond meal, eggs and flour. We bake them very slow, 300', for a long time. this will carmelize the sugar in the crust and create wonderful flavor. the almond meal also colors the crust. Turn our tart shell over, dare ya, no blond spots. after baking we brush them with a thin chocolate coat, and fill them with vanilla pastry creme. We top that with fresh berries, and spray them with a neutral glaze, done. Always, always, remember, simple is better.

I'm puttin' you on the inside track, we're makin' them again today.


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