Thursday, May 14, 2009

more about rye, maybe to much about rye

got good news this morning. forecast for saturday has improved. sounds like the rain will be here and gone before our markets open saturday morning. good news for me, sorry news for the gang upstairs. lots and lots of stuff to be made.

gettin' back to that rye flour thing. the fact that whole rye flour is complete, meaning it contains all the organic compounds. not organic, like covered in cow poop, but the nutritional parts, the bran and germ. they contain the minerals that our bodies benefit from, once consumed. we use the minerals, they pass thru us, and back into the world. it's kinda cool god's work, eh? these minerals are as important to airborne yeast cells as they are to us. therefore, for a baker's rye culture to get total benefit from sourdough yeast, the culture must be fed those minerals as well. minerals unavailable in conventionally milled rye flour. i know it's a long answer, it interests me more than it should. but when i get a whiff of our raisin rye bread? totally worth it.

our raisin rye is a very unique loaf of bread. it is 6 parts rye flour, 2 parts rye meal(cracked rye), and 2 parts wheat flour. we don't add any sugars or fats. it is loaded with raisins. fifty percent, based on the weight of the flour. luminita cristea, cjb, was working here and entered the california raisin bread contest. it was a professional level competition. if you haven't seen it on our website, or in our store, she won the grand prize. she competed against 20 other bakers in manhattan, kansas, last october. the bread has terrific flavor, but i wasn't sure how it would stand up to the judging. rye is very different from wheat. it isn't really good right out of the oven. not really true of rye bread that comes from a grocery store, once out of the oven, the clock starts, and it's downhill from there. but with real rye bread, it needs to mature. especially when there is more rye than wheat in a formula. my point is that rye bread judged soon after the bake is touchy. should be judged thirty or thirty-six hours out of the oven. but, shows ya what i know.

well, gotta run the bad news upstairs. i just printed the list of numbers we need for saturday's markets. these folks are gonna be busy.


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