Wednesday, December 16, 2009

thinkin' 'bout what's next

Just waiting. Lots of large orders forthcoming, and we kinda need to get them out of here before we can go forward. We finished packing cookies yesterday. We did lot more than last year. Hope the snow Gods are with us. Eight more days. I think we are all getting tired of looking at, and producing the same stuff, over and over. I got an email yesterday, turns out the Green City Market application is available on line, and due by February 25th. The older I get, the faster it goes.

We ordered our king cake boxes yesterday. That whole episode begins on January 6th. We will do loads of Pithivier, for that day. We had lady call from New Jersey, she ordered six to be delivered on the 5th of January. Lots of folks ask me about the significance of January 6th. I guess with benefit from the bakery life, I understand the "Tweleve days of Christmas". The sixth of January is the twelfth day after Christmas. The day the wise men arrived in Bethelhem. They saw the star, and their camels only had one speed. Evidently, Amtrack didn't run between wherever they were, and Bethlehem. Wonderin', were they together when they saw the star? Why would three kings be together in the first place? Pitihivier, is the king cake, sold in France. The Celebration of the Epiphany, is much larger is other cultures. In France each Pithivier has the "Feve"(bean) in it. They are all sold with a gold paper crown as well. Whomever gets the piece with the feve, is the "Roi"(king), and earns the crown.
Pithivier is a very delicious puff pastry cake filled with a thick layer of almond cream. I have a baker buddy, Laurent LeDaniel, has a bakery in Reims, already got a freezer full of 'em. He makes chocolate ones as well.

We will be doing our January "White Sale" the week of the 17th. We will offer white bread, white pound cake, coconut macaroons, cheese coffee cake, etc at very reduced prices. We will also start hot cross buns at the same time. Soon after that, Paczki.

First things first, got a load of macaroons to get out for an order today. Gingerbread macaroons, very tasty. We flavour the shells with a little spice, and molasses, and fill 'em with a blend of white chocolate gancahe, cream cheese and a little more spice. Probably wouldn't go over in France.


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