Tuesday, February 2, 2010

worth the wait

Picked up the pretzel dipper on Friday, put it to use on Saturday afternoon. Like layin' on the beach! Thing worked great! Just like I planned. No more mess. No more covering the table with paper and plastic. Just great! Now that we can get 'em done, we'll be selling them at our farmer's markets, this summer. We've been selling pretzel rolls at the winter market, they've been doing very well.

I just got my weekly update from "Yelp". If you're not familiar with that, it's a review kinda thing that allow people to rate their experience at any particular business. We had sixty looks, last week. Things said there, weigh on my mind. One of the more recent comments talked about inadequate customer service. Last night we had a store personnel meeting, talking about this very thing. We've had a recent change in store management, that we hope has an impact on this issue. According to the review I'm speaking of, we really got knocked because said customer had to wait while our counter staff was busy socializing. Said the "Sandwich was o.k. Not worth the wait". I know better.

Yesterday we made some really cool marble cake, We baked it in a ring mold, and poured it with a chocolate icing. The cake mix is all butter, very nice flavour. We are going to sell it in half rings. In Germany, they call it "Marmour kuchen", marble cake. When I worked for Karl Kleinert, in the late seventies, he made it. I've been tryin' to recreate that for thirty years. I like that kind of stuff. Kinda plain. Basic flavours, butter, eggs, sugar, chocolate and vanilla. Wisest bakery type statement ever, "The best baked foods have the fewest ingredients". Right? Best bread?. Flour, water, salt and some form of yeast. I got this cake formula from baker buddy, Ken Slove, Lovin' Oven Cakery. The real deal, sugar, flour, butter, eggs, milk, salt, baking powder and vanilla.

Gotta get upstairs, fortunately, cupboards are bare. Busy day yesterday. Today should be busier, election day and all. People don't pick up donuts and danish, to take to the polls, the way they used to. There are more affordable options these days. Not better value, just more affordable. But if those folks took the time to find out what's in that stuff. Always, always, refer to the statement,"The best baked foods........."

Be sure and vote! To bad the guy who said that thing 'bout the fewest ingredients, isn't on the ballot.


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