Friday, January 22, 2010

I've seen the light

I just ate a glazed donut, a fresh glazed donut. I don't know if I ever talked about it here, but growing up, I never ate the fresh stuff. Never, never, ever, ate anything that we could sell, wasn't allowed. To this day, there are items we make, that I've never eaten, fresh. I've always been confused about pumpkin pie. We sell boat loads of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. I never sat down at a Thanksgiving dinner and ate pumpkin pie. We always had lemon meringue pie, that the meringue had slid off. Every morning I eat out of the stale pile. I am my mother's son, she died in 1987. Funny how that stuff stays with you. Anyway, a fresh glazed donut, MY GOD! No wonder none of them ever make it to the stale pile. Soft, shiny, crunchy sweetness, not a trace of grease. Artuo, you da man.

My favorites out of the stale pile, are our cinnamon rolls. No actually, cheese danish is my favorite. I gotta better chance of winnin' the big ball game in the Illinois lottery, than gettin' a cheese danish. Two, three times a week there is a cinnamon roll, usually the ones that get torn when the store folks break them apart to sell them. We bake them so they bake together, the result is a roll that has no crust, soft all the way around. I like to dunk 'em in milk, whole milk, not the stuff we use at home, until they are mushy, just to the point of needing a spoon.

Since we got our new creme whipping machine, and started using 100% pure creme, I do break a cupcake in half and just stand above fifteen liters of sweetened, heavy creme, fluffy like shaving creme. I've found that one is never enough, cause ya always leave crumbs from the first one. Ya need that second one to chase away the crumbs from the first. If only we could sell that experience!

It kills me when my one of my daughters, comes thru the front door of the bakery, instead of the back door. They always enter the shop looking for me, eating a fresh, Bennison's sandwich and drinking a bottle of orange juice. What? I've never eaten a fresh sandwich. Once in a while I'll eat a day old Monaco(turkey) sandwich, on a Sunday morning. Oh, the guilt.

That glazed donut won't do it for me today. Won't make til' lunch. Since we were busy yesterday, slim pickins in the stale pile. Gotta get upstairs and find an reason for Franky to get some creme whipped early.


Blogger Laminatrix said...

I remember one day when I went through the stale pile and picked the centers out of a couple of two-day-old cinnamon rolls, and you came by a little later and it turned out you were looking for what I had already eaten. You can have the cheese danish; I'll take the cinnamon rolls every single time. I still miss them.

The way to share the whipped cream experience is to get a little two-compartment plastic tray for the customers (kind of like a bento box), with mini cupcakes, or even some cake cut into rectangles, on one side, and a blob of whipped cream on the other. The whipped cream can be pulled fresh for each customer, and they can decide what kind of cupcake they want. (Me, I'd go for chocolate.)

Here is the malted barley syrup. I've been using it to make meringue cookies (recipe from Miranda), in an attempt to get a malted-milk-ball thing going on. (I tried it in chocolate cake for that same effect, but was completely disappointed in the results.) I've tried twice with the meringues and haven't gotten it yet, but am getting closer. You could do this with the macaron and then do a chocolate filling . . . kinda like a malted milk ball, only way better.

This syrup is what I used as a dough conditioner instead of the diastatic malt; I also replaced some of the sugar in the last batch of pretzels with a little more of this sugar. Good flavor.

January 22, 2010 at 11:35 AM  
Blogger mchapm said...

Croissants from the stale pile. They're not just for bread pudding. Assuming of course that any actually made it to the pile.

January 25, 2010 at 10:29 AM  
Blogger Laminatrix said...

I still think that chocolate croissants from the stale pile + chocolate in the bread pudding mix would be awesome. Add some dried cherries and you're all set.

January 28, 2010 at 11:49 AM  

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