Thursday, January 7, 2010

not sure where they come from

Had a great day yesterday. Don't know if folks were runnin' out before the snow, or it was the Epiphany thing. We sold more than king cakes and pithiver. The hispanic bakeries really cranked yesterday, sellin' their "Roscas". My buddy John Roeser(Roeser's Bakery) did very well, down near Humboldt Park. Not typically thought of the go-to-place for a Hispanic king cake, he sold a lot. He does it right, buys the quince and guava paste, buys the proper boxes. He deserves to sell 'em.

We have the store decorated for our "White Sale". Passed out a lot of fliers already. If the weather is fair that week, we will do well. The dates are the 18th to the 24th. We've ordered all the proper packaging/ingredients, etc. Last year, we saw an increase in store traffic, that week, by 449 people. That was compared to the previous week. Don't know if it was the White Sale, or the fact that we were a week further from New Year's diet resolutions, or could've been the weather. Who knows?

We don't seem to be getting the "Rush week" orders we are accustomed to. I feel it's next week, but not so much on the books yet. We've always done pretty well with that. Sororities order a lot of baked goods for that week, well used to, anyway. Baked foods at these events, could have gone by the way of the "Corporate Christmas party". Second Christmas in a row here, nothin'. We used to do large, large Christmas parties, for offices and business's here in town. We had more country club work this holiday season, but small to medium size places, nothin'!

I came in a couple hours ago. It was startin' to snow. I gotta get some salt spread, out on the sidewalk. Hollertacha later.


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