Friday, February 5, 2010

had to start sooner or later

I've caved. Couldn't take the question anymore. "When are we gonna start paczki"? We started yesterday. All varieties in the store starting today. As Southwest Airlines says "It's on".

Got a call yesterday from the folks at the Andersonville Farmer's Market, wonderin' if we would prefer starting at 3pm the entire market season, instead of switching to that start time, in the fall like last year. Last year we started at 4pm until the days started getting shorter. Tehn we started at 3pm. It would be uncomfortable, but we could do it. It's rough gettin' the truck back from the GCM, and turnin' it around in minutes. It forces us to be like an Indy pit crew. Truck pulls up and a herd of guys rush out and get it loaded. Can't wait, really. Remind me I said that come July 4th.

King cakes heatin' up, here as well. We have multilples scheduled for delivery every day. We have 20 or so, goin' to 1 Illinois Centre this morning. Tomorrow a load goin' somewhere in the western suburbs.

Bistro Bordeaux got a nice review in "Time Out" magazine, this week. Félicitations, bonnes pour vous. Slightly mentioned "Foie gras, on a crusty baguette, with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar". The Prairie Grass folks, George and Sarah, are opening a second location in the west loop. 215 N. Clinton, opening night, tonight. Good luck guys. I'm sure you'll do well.

Probably should mention, we started all our Valentine's day stuff as well. I'm not to excited about it this year, bein' on a Sunday and all. I think the whole Fat Tuesday thing is goin' overshadow it.

Gotta get upstiars and get'er goin'. Gonna be a big day today.


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